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Galvanized storage silo introduction:
Steel Silo is widely used for grains storage such as wheat, corn, soybean, paddy, rice,soybean meal, barley, malt,sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, peanuts, flour and other powder materials, oat, special grain and seeds etc.
FDSP steel silo supplier is one of professional grain storage silo supplier in China. Our company can provide silo body design, manufacture and erection service. Except silo itself, our team can also offer silo auxiliary equipment, such as level indicator, aeration system, temperature measuring system, ventilation system and even sweep auger etc.

Outstanding Features of Fly Ash Silo:
►The edge of spiral silo is five times thickness than that of silo shell. No leakage of air, even powder.
► Steel structure silo is easy to install, short installation period, and save labors, long life time—more than 30 years. 3.The capacity can be from 50 ton to 10,000 ton per silo.
► Requires less maintenance.
► Long working life:
► Ability to utilize higher grade coatings.

Installation of ash industry steel silo engineering

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