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  • Product Name: Electric Valve
  • Product ID: s017
  • Added time: 2013-11-28
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Product Description

The valve is applicable for grain, food, feed, grease and chemical processing industry, is used for automatically discharging and intercepting bulk materials in the mechanical conveying process, and is equipment indispensable to automatic control of a production process.

Performance Features

1. A motor is decelerated by rotating a worm gear and drives a screw to rotate in the forward and reverse directions, so a gate plate (an insert plate) does reciprocating motion, and a travel switch controls the motor to rotate.
2. The gate plate is borne by a support roller, materials enter a conical port, the gate plate cannot be blocked by the materials, the materials cannot be leaked, and cannot be brought out during opening, and the gate plate moves freely and has low resistance.

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