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Modern Animal Feed Mill usually has a huge processing capacity on bulk grain especially corn/maize, soya. It will be a hard work for operating such bulk material in tons by man power, thus a deep desire of auto bulk grain handling system for the feed mill, that is the bulk storage silo system for feed mill, and also can be applied in flour mill for maize/corn or wheat,oil mill and other industrial.
Our Bulk Storage Bin for animal Feed mill usually delivered together with feed mill and designed together.
In a feed mill the livestock feed is often stored in narrow concrete silos up to 20 meters high. The filling of the silos generates a lot of dust. At the bottom of the silos, screw conveyors discharge the livestock feed. To avoid idle running of the conveyors or overfilling of the silos, a level measurement is required.

Silos of different capacity for feed storage produced by FDSP: Galvanized frame, possibility of pneumatic loading, viewing window. Several dimension types for different needs.
Easy feed outlet.
No sticking.
Feed is fresh.
Silos with central center or decenter.
Ladder with safety fence.

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