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FDSP Feed Silo-----Exported to Overseas Market
FDSP Steel Silo can manufacture corrugated plate in all kinds of specifications automatically with advanced technology abroad. The production process consists of coiling, plating, profiling, punching, curving and cutting, etc. And it can accomplish each process under the control of computer. The corrugated plate is not only in beautiful appearance, but also of high accuracy, universal matching, high strength, easy installation, small gap after assembling and good tightness.
We can produce all kinds of feed industry assembly silo with the advanced technology and rich installing experience. The diameter of the silo is from 3.65m to 31.84m with the maximum capacity of 15000 tons. Different kinds of silos constructed by us have been covered all over our country, meanwhile they are exported to the countries and regions like Venezuela,Peru,Indonisia, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Vietnam, North Korea, Sudan and Iran, etc.

Detailed Product Description
1.Over 40 years experience and rich expertise;
2.Wide storing capacity range, 1~18000 tons for single silo;
3.The biggest sucessful story: half million tons of silo project in Algeria;
4.Effective global sales network;
5.For storing wheat,large capacity;
6.From intake,cleaning system,dryer,silo.
Notes:For independent storage project, FDSP only undertakes construction with single silo more than 500 tons. If the silo is matching engineering of other projects,such as feed mill, the silo capacity can range from 1 ton to half million ton or more.

Feed industry silo features
High Accuracy
International advanced processing equipment and technology have been introduced to ensure the processing accuracy.
High Automation
Steel silo makes high efficiency and labor-saving possible with its high mechanization and automation. Wide Manufacturing Range
Wide range of manufacturing (with the capacity of 15000 tons for each silo) can meet the requirements of different clients with complete accessories and functions.
Easy Maintenance
The standardized, serialized and generalized galvanized steel sheet and the accessories have been used to achieve the convenient maintenance, capacity increasing or moving.
Low Investment
Compared with reinforced concrete silo, the total cost will be 30%-50% lower than that, which can largely reduce the cost.
Production Process
FDSP is a state-level high-tech enterprises, and our every step development is closely follow the world’s advance technical trend,. We has developed a series of high-tech excellent products in elevateing ,conveying, dust, drying equipment to achieve the advanced and reliable system for all instore and outstore material which based on powerful technology and economic to make the storage of materials more scientific, reasonable, and ensure the storage quality effectively.

Technical Support

For silo is made of steel, and its thin wall is less than thermal capacity , so the thermal conduction and storage are affected by environment.Generally, the storage period of materials are not more than 2 months, this also limits the long period of steel silo to store material In view of these above problems, adopt insulation combined with refrigeration way which is use of the thermal conductivity of materials (rock wool) covered on outer-ring of steel silo and using refrigeration equipment to inlet cold air blast to silo. This method generates results basically comparable with the concrete silo , but the cost is effective than traditional one with long storage time.Thermal storage project is mainly used in grain depot, farm, seed processing plants, food processing enterprises, the clients ,who use this thermal insulation technology are effectively to control the effect caused by the changes for the external temperature both in silo and gain temperature, delay the storehouse of grain quality, thermal insulation effect is remarkable, in favor of steel silos and storage grain safety, greatly promoted the development of low temperature grain storage.

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