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Grain drying is process of drying grain to prevent spoilage during storage. FDSP supply you the grain dryer which use good burner, online moisture meter, temperature controller, PLC module as the core device, ensure the accurate, reliable design of dryer; energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency. Touch screen humanized design, more convenient to the user. The drying section of transverse channel, has the characteristics of thin layer drying grain, large area, high heat efficiency, uniform heating of grain. Temperature control of special can effectively prevent the grain dry, cracked, maintenance is simple, clean and fast



1. Hypothermia:
Customers according to different cereal varieties, self-regulation drying temperature. Cryogenic technology can effectively protect against damage to grain quality and reduce the fragmentation rate and crack ratio, improve the germination rate.
2. Wind capacity:
With large air blower fan for the anti-overloading centrifugal fan with low noise, smooth running, no vibration. With the slow-start mode, air evenly, long life.
3. Low Cost:
Choice of diesel, natural gas, steam, or rice husk and other fuels, compared with coal-fired, the heat source temperature control accurate to protect grain quality, easy heat recovery, reduce drying costs. In addition CPB continuous dryer, natural cooling, tempering and drying process makes the whole continuous production, high efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption per unit.
4. Long Life:
Continuous dryer designed by outdoor models, without the construction of the plant for the dryer. Wind networks and major components for high-quality galvanized steel, the whole appearance, sealing, and can work around the clock in the open air under any circumstances, can withstand inclement weather, the service life of up to 30 years.
5. Easy to operate:
PLC touch screen control system operating parameters can be displayed and control equipment, burner combustion parameters, grain drying parameters, the computer control system with alarm, remote control device self-diagnostics, troubleshooting and other functions, user-friendly operation, easy and convenient。
6. Low maintenance costs:
Dryer selected materials, accessories are durable, very low failure rate. Easy assembly and disassembly dryer shell is made of bolted, durable, which will help clean up; All electrical Electrical Association standards are in line with international.


(As shown in Figure)
1. Customers can be customized in different equipment configurations to best meet customer needs.
2. Whole grain column galvanized material to make into a wall enclosed space, so as to effectively prevent the impact of the external environment on the uniform heating caused by grain column.
3. Grain feeder pillar that has the change to ensure that each region within the grain column material can be heated evenly throughout the drying process.
4. Use a large steel mesh food column for optimum airflow results. Optional screen to meet the various requirements of different drying conditions.
5. Galvanized heavy load structure.
6. Double inlet centrifugal blower non-overload, run more quietly effective.
7. PLC touch screen controller makes the operation more humane.
● Variety of fuels available: steam, rice husk and other bio-fuels, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel and other.

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