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Advantages of spiral steel silo steel silo in the construction process, entirely by special equipment construction, in rolling process, bite into the outer wall of a warehouse five times the material thickness 30mm - 40mm wide spiral ridges, greatly strengthened warehouse the carrying capacity of the body, so that the overall strength of the silo, stability, shock resistance than other pool tank. In addition, it is used in anti-corrosion properties particularly strong material, which makes its life longer than the other pool tank.

Grease industry oil feature
1. The steel silo made with the high-quality galvanized steel sheet and all part according with the industrial standard;
2. It has the advantage of light weight, simple and easy fitting ,short construction period and lowcost etc;
3. The dimension of steel silo, it's easy to adjust by user, the minmum distance less than 80cm between two silo. And the maximum capacity : 17000 T/silo; 4. The storage system include the temperature measurement system, ventilation system;
5. The diameter of steel silo: 2.5~32m.


● plant oil storage
● raw materials storage
● fat oil storage
● olive oil storage
● soya oil storage
● tallow storage
● palm oil storage
● lubricants storage
● glycols storage
● fuel oils storage
● grease storage


Silo Options:
lipp steel silo is the best choice

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