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Efficient design
Grains enter the top of a drying tower and falls down to a grain storage cabinet with a self-emptying function, so the loss of a tower top of a high-pressure chamber is reduced. The grains pass through the grain storage cabinet and are uniformly distributed at the periphery of the drying tower.
The grain storage cabinet on the top of the drying tower can store wet grains with height of 40 inches, adopts a totally closed design and effectively prevents dust.
The grains flow down from the grain storage cabinet and flow to a drying grain column with the diameter of 12 inches in a drying area, and the drying tower achieves optimal balance of grain drying time, drying air flow and drying temperature. The drying time is longer if the diameter of the grain column is larger. Longer drying time is combined with low-speed drying air flow and temperature, so grain drying quality and efficiency are greatly improved.
When the grains flow to the middle of a heating area, a material changer changes the grains from the inner side to the outer side of the grain column, so the grains are more uniformly dried.
The drying tower has a dust removal function. Standard through holes with the maximum hole diameter of 0.078 inch are drilled on a steel plate at the periphery of the drying tower, and the dried materials pass through the converter and then arrive at an area with the hole diameter of 0.0625 inch. The material changer and the top and bottom of the grain column are made of firm non-perforated steel plates which are sealed and dustproof.
The grains enters a cooling area after leaving the heating area, and air flow for cooling the grains is recycled by a blower, so energy is saved, and emission is reduced.

Advantages of the tower drying system
1.Simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain dryer
2.Self diagnostic controls accurately monitor grain moisture and temperature
3.All heat from cooling the grain is recycled and the long retention times result in very efficient dryer operation.
4.All dryers have stainless steel, roll formed exterior sheeting as a standard feature. These design features simplify dryer erection, improve dryer appearance and promote a long dryer life.
5.Touch screen controls offer computerized control of all dryer functions

Figure A: a wet grain storage area and the self-emptying grain storage cabinet on the top of the drying tower
Figure B: an internal temperature sensor

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