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Jiangsu Liangyou Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of Grain silo system.
FDSP activities cover research & development, project design, manufacturing, installation and services in a multitude of industries including storage engineering, environmental protection, conveying equipment and elevating systems. and undertake turnkey project starting from process and civil work design, auto-control system as well as manufacture, installation, commissioning of the associated equipment for lifting, cleaning, magnetic separating, metering, drying, fumigating, cold storing, ventilation, dust collecting, temperature and moisture measuring etc. up to personal training and so on.
Wheat Silo Installed on-site by the company's own fitters and with its own space and time-saving assembly system in a variety of sizes, the uniform high quality of all systems is ensured. In the process, the systems are offered either as a complete solution or in individual components together with selected accessories depending on the requirements.

The advantages of our wheat steel silo:
1.Good air-tightness, there’s no need to worry about leaking of the storage material.
2.Temperature controlling, DCS controlling, any type of sensor, level indicator can be installed inside the silo. It can be realized real-time monitoring by computer.
3. Excellent stability thanks to lipp system.
4. Wheat steel silos keep the grains safe longer.
5. Greater storage capacity in a much smaller area.
6. Steel silos avoid humidity problems in the case of rain.
7. Easier to unload.

Silo Project Introduction:
Our company can provide the services includes:
the design of complete process,
basic design of silo,
elevation, conveying, cleaning,
drying, temperature and capacity measuring,
fumigating,ventilation, and automatic controlling system.
We can also provide auxiliary equipments with the capacity of 15 ton to 1500 ton per hour like bucket elevator, chain conveyor and belt conveyor in grain and storage industry. Our silo is widely used in grain storage and processing factories, such as grain depot, flour mill, starch plant, oil factory, feed plant, alcohol plant, brewery, seed plant, port, farm and grain process center.

From the initial site analysis to developing your custom wheat storage plan to final completion of the project, FDSP can supply you professional solution to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.

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